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Fashion week hairstyling trends AUTUMN/WINTER 2022

Hair is one of the most important aspects of any makeup look, and it plays an important role in fashion week as well. Whether the look requires a 1970s-style blowout or a perm hair updo, it is important that it's done in a way where it is complimenting the makeup and outfit at the same time and not overpowering it.

Just as in makeup, we read earlier that makeup trends majorly start during fashion week the same applies to hair. Many trends for hair start from fashion week, and as a hairstyling and makeup academy, we keep up to date with all the trends and teach the same at our hair styling academy. Whether it's a polished sleek back look or a messy hair updo many tricks and tips are available to achieve them.

Why opt for a professional make up course to be a part of fashion and editorials?

There are many elements in make up like fashion, editorial, bridal, etc. One of them being fashion today we will focus on fashion makeup. So what is fashion? Fashion is nothing but the ongoing trend in the market which is followed by the masses which is spread through mediums like fashion magazines, shows, billboards, commercials, etc. In fashion make up a look can be kept as natural as possible and also can be outdone to make an object stand out.

There are a lot of things that you can do in fashion but the graphic liner is one of those things that elevate the look to a whole new level and still makes it look elegant. Graphic eyeliner is the creative trend that encourages us to draw more than a normal winged foxy eyeliner. Featured in the likes of fashion shows and adorning the eyes of famous celebs, it's no surprise the bold beauty statement takes a steady hand to create such a look. It is done not only by beauty brands but also for ramp shows.

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How professional makeup academy helps you to build your career in makeup industry.

Are you thinking? why go to a professional makeup academy to learn the whole make up course when you can simply learn it by seeing youtube videos which are totally free. But if you have that passion to learn all the technicalities, you will have to go for a professional makeup course for in depth knowledge of basic to advanced level.

Always remember, Clients are very smart, as they always want the best . Therefore, they always do their basic research to get the best makeup artist for them. Here professional makeup academy is like a school. You start taking your lessons from basic to advanced levels of makeup, work hard on your assignments to build your portfolio, and at the end you get a certificate of becoming a professional makeup artist and takes you one step closer to your dream.